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Arts and Rec Intern Program

We are looking for students studying therapeutic recreation for a paid internship
Our Mission

At Arts and Rec, LLC, We dedicate ourselves to help all individuals with special needs meet their desired goals of health and well being. Using art-based Therapeutic Recreation and visual arts we will help all to experience leisure, art, and mindfulness. Our experienced instructors will teach and encourage students to use arts to be creative and express themselves. 


Our Vision

We want to give our participants a place to call their own and express themselves through expressive arts. We will to the best of our ability take anyone who wants to come to our studio. We are a bit of an intermediary place for the individuals who are waiting for a day program, those that are in a program part time but also we allow all to be enriched and social.

Internship Description

1. Demonstrate knowledge and compliance with recreation therapy services, policies, and procedures.

2. Attend and document staff meetings/in-service training opportunities

3. Complete one student project approved by the university and facility. The project will consist of a large event or project that can be utilized by the facility.

For example: new class, special event, adaptive equipment, and resource manual

4. Become involved in all aspects of recreational therapy including 1:1, group programs, evenings, Saturday programs, and off-site classes.

5. Plan and implement a minimum of two therapeutic recreation activities per week.

6. Utilize a variety of therapeutic approaches and treatment modalities according to participants diganoses, interests, needs.

7. Develop individuals' treatment plans based on participants needs and address through recreational therapy treatment.

8. Assist the CTRS with the planning, organizing, and implementing of the special event.


To Apply: Please contact Julie Quill via phone  (508)395-9033 or email

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