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Shredding Program

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We are opening a shredding company through ARTS AND REC, LLC. We will be taking in papers that need to be shredded from the community which will be shredded by the individuals. We will then repurpose the shredded paper as functional art.


We will charge a nominal fee of $10 per bag of paper for shredding. We take everyone's privacy very seriously and have a policy to keep all the papers separate and in a locked locker until it can all be shredded. Each individual working here will be assigned a locker number and their job will be to shred the contents of the locker until it is all done. With that an email will go out to the customer letting them know that the shredding is complete. All materials will be shredded within two weeks of receipt. The individuals will then make different items such as fire starters and baskets that can be sold in the store.


The Participants will

  • Work will come into the studio and receive a locker number. They will

  • unlock the locker and take the contents to the shredding room.

  • Shred for the amount of time they signed up for ie. .5 hour, 1 hour, etc.

  • Bag up all the shredded which will be stored in the back room until it is repurposed.

  • If there is unshredded paper left over they will put that back in the locker and return the key to the Office Manager.


All that participate in our vocational program will work on goals such as

  • Organizational skills

  • Social skills

  • Following directions

  • Inventory

  • Money skills

  • Recycling

  • Being punctual

  • Signing up for time slots

  • General office skills


All individuals will sign up for a time slot via a calendar in the studio.

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